Daniel Smilkov
Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Software.
Hi there! I'm a member of the PAIR team, part of Google Brain, working on the intersection of machine learning and visualization. I got my masters at the MIT Media Lab, advised by Cesar Hidalgo.

The work shown below was in collaboration with many talented people from teams inside and outside Google.

Machine Learning
Know Your Data Understand ML data and improve quality, fairness and bias issues
TensorFlow.js A library for Machine learning in Javascript
TensorFlow Playground Tinker with a neural network, right in your browser
Embedding Projector A visualization tool for high-dimensional data
TF Graph Visualizer Examine the dataflow graph behind TensorFlow
Smoothgrad Denoise the feature importance mask of an ML model
Data Visualization
Autovis Automatically create charts and insights, available in Google Sheets
Immersion A people-centric view of your email life
Periodic Table A twist on the classic visualization of the atomic elements